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Tamara Palmer at the SF Weekly made a great SFoodie blog post about BaconCamp today: Saturday Gluttony: BaconCamp. She talks about my ice cream and cookies!

“The grand prize of the day (again, as decided by the people) went to Heather Lynch for her Maker’s Mark ice cream with a maple caramel swirl and bits of candied bacon, the recipe for which she generously shares on her delicious food blog Mooflyfood. The ice cream was long gone before I could get a crack at it, but I did get to taste her pecan bacon lace cookies, which were the best bites I had the whole time. Here, pecan did most of the work, with the bacon providing a pleasingly faint background note. Her delicate restraint in balancing these flavors was refreshing compared to some of the heavier handed efforts. Luckily, she posted the recipe for that one too, so we’re all winners here.”

That’s exactly what I was going for! I’m so glad that I succeeded, and that so many people got to try the results. Thanks for the write-up, Tamara!

Okay, so this isn’t just another post about my damn ice cream…

Tonight, instead of being responsible and doing my taxes, I went out and ate:

  • Muscovy Duck
  • Frisee with bacon and goat cheese
  • Some sort of AMAZING pork
  • Spicy potatoes
  • Kale with lemon and garlic
  • Prosciutto wrapped asparagus (asparagus in California is incredible right now)
  • Pear tart
  • Chocolate pot de creme and a flourless chocolate mini-cake with strawberries
  • Tiramisu
  • A lovely bottle of Cigare Volant (2003?) from Bonny Doon

All from The Corner (a new small plates restaurant from the same people who brought you Weird Fish) shared with my buddies Reed, Star, and Jane. Wish I could tell you exactly what everything was seasoned with like the menu did, but from what I can tell, they don’t have a website or post their menus online (and I was too busy nomming to write it down). It was amazing, as was the service. I love it when you feel like the waiter is a friend. I’m definitely going back again. And again. And again. Just don’t tell too many people about it… ;)

Yesterday, I got to try a slice of $120/lb cured ham. No kidding! And that was marked down from $180/lb! I had no idea such a thing existed, but it does: it’s called Jamón ibérico, made from a wild boar that lives in Spain and feeds only on acorns. It was AMAZING. Melts in your mouth buttery salty indescribable… I’m not even sure it qualifies as meat. I was thrilled when Edward, the gentleman behind the deli counter at DeLessio Market & Bakery offered to give us a taste, and I can honestly say my palate has never been blessed with such a delightful meat in all my life.

A thing of beauty. Photo by Edrabbit, my partner in crime.

It has been a good few days for food.

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